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Helping companies with strategic Total Rewards and managing international employees


What I do

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Reward Consulting

As a reward program consultant, I can help you design, implement, and manage programs that support your business goals and encourage high performance. My services include full-service Total Rewards consulting, with expertise in bonus plan and incentive scheme design, international reward strategy, sales compensation for B2B and B2C, employee benefits, job analysis, architecture and design, equal pay, executive rewards, and more. 

Let me help you create a reward program that aligns with your business objectives and motivates your team to succeed.


Global Mobility

If you need help with the complexities and costs of global mobility assignments, I can help you create packages, policies, and processes to maximize the benefits of your mobility programs. By implementing efficient and effective processes before, during, and after the assignment, you can ensure a good return on your investment. 

Let me assist you in streamlining your mobility programs for success.


HR and Operational compliance

Inefficient processes can increase complexity and costs for your organization. With my expertise, I can help ensure that your processes are running smoothly and efficiently, including conducting health checks on your payroll, compliance, and other critical areas to reduce risk and save time and money. I can also assist with salary negotiations and reviews, performance management, and other aspects of your human resources processes. 

Let me help you fine tune your operations and maximize your productivity.

Flexible and adaptive

Doing the rights things in the right order is what will define success or failure.

Why Choose Me

Optimize Employee Rewards

Experience and knowledge

I have many years of expertise, in global, client and internal roles inhouse and as a consultant.

Quality and Value in Delivery

I will work with you to deliver sound and unbiased advice based on your company's needs and strategy.

Flexible and adaptive

I will help you do the right things, in the right order, working directly and one to one with you on solving your business challenges.