What I do

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Reward Consulting

Job analysis, pay ranges and Job Grading

The foundation for a good reward system is a well thought through job architecture. I can assist you with setting this up correct from the start, saving your company time and money later.

Incentives schemes

Design of bonus plans, incentive schemes, and sales compensation both B2B and B2C. Evaluating and setting correct KPIs for the business.

Reward strategy

Strategic compensation and benefits and Total Rewards, including international reward strategy, pension and insurance positioning as well as other employee benefits, performance management, executive rewards, and much more.

Global Mobility


Finding the correct level of the packages for your assignees can be challenging. I help you define the purpose of the program.


Defining the policy elements will have big impact on the success if your Global Mobility program. I can share my experience in creating and evaluating policies, to make sure you get the right ROI on assignments.


Setting up a robust process for handling Global Mobility is key for making sure the assignments are running smoothly. I have experience in setting this up for clients and inhouse, and will give you honest and practical advice on how to set up an efficient and robust process.

hR and Operational Compliance

Payroll and compliance

Payroll risks can be costly, both in time and money. Ensuring you are treating your pay and benefits correctly is of vital importance. I do health checks and advise on the proper setup, to give employees the best experience.

Policies and procedures

Assistance with implementing policies and procedures in your company, including remote work, equal pay, and overall procedures.

Salary Negotiations and Salary review

Assistance with union negotiations as well as setting, implementing, and finalizing the salary review.

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