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I am an experienced legal and business advisor, holding a MSc from the Krannert School of Management (Purdue University, Indiana) as well as a Master of Law from the University of Oslo, with 15 years of experience both as a client facing consultant in PwC and inhouse in Norwegian, Telia and Cognite. 

I have worked both on the consulting side, in a law firm, and inhouse, as a reward specialist in global roles. In my inhouse roles I have been responsible for the strategy and management of compensation and benefits, and I have a deep competency in tax, payroll, reward, insurance, pension, bonus, stock and option programs, collective bargaining etc

I have worked with many multinationals to ensure they are compliant with local rules and regulations. I have many years of experience with companies expanding out from or in to Norway, and with international employees, relocating or on assignment. I am also very experienced in setting up global mobility programs and structures for international assignments, including designing packages, setting up efficient processes, and handling individual contracts and tax.

My goal is to help companies with building a robust reward approach that attracts, motivates and retains exceptional employees, and balances cost and spend in a efficient way. 

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An Excellent Reward System Is a Key Component to the Success of Your Business.

Aligning a reward system with the business goals can achieve excellent results. I make it happen together with you.

Aligning rewards with the business strategy is key in making rewards motivational and having a positive ROI.

Lack of a good reward approach can contribute to direct cost, loss of motivation, and attrition of important employees. It can also cause internal time wasted focusing on the perceived poor rewards.

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